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Something new this week Date: Jul 18th @ 5:59pm EDT
Hi guys today I want to tell you that I was practicing boxing this week, and I really enjoyed it a lot and I want to keep practicing. It's important! Why isn't there always a bodyguard with me, so I must learn to defend myself?
A Great Sorprise Date: Jul 13th @ 5:29pm EDT
Yesterday I was go to my house and when i arrived to the stoplight I saw a silhouette jumping...when I Look good again, the silhouette was a pretty rabbit
Healthful Eating Date: Jul 12th @ 6:42pm EDT
I want to tell you guys one of my tips to keep my figure and is to eat granola and cereals, they are very good and are light for the stomach and digestion.... tell me if you also like or eat healthy your :)
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